Posts that fall under the “Work” Blog Posts heading will typically include profiles of local (Alberta-based) businesses and business-people doing innovative and inspirational things. On occasion, I will also feature some of the initiatives I am working on that affect the community.

Aside from writing, but also a service I provide, is creating and facilitating youth programs (roughly age 8-14) to help build self-esteem and self-awareness in the participants. Topics such as bullying, Internet Safety, leadership, building better communication skills and the importance of physical activity on positive well-being (mental and physical health) are key themes I focus on and arrange to have experts in related fields come speak to the children. I work with the organization directly to customize a program that best suits its needs in duration, age group, topics covered and frequency of speakers.

I help elementary kids get moving in fun ways by leading a beginners run club at school sites. It’s a mixture age-appropriate body weight exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, burpees etc.) with relay races and running laps to build endurance. I can organize a race with corporate sponsors and have the youth run in their first-ever race (or one of their first).