Feb. 12, 2016 – Vol.2 | No. 5 – Healthy You: Quick Nutrition Tips

Avoiding Those Food Slumps

By Rebecca Liedtke, Founder of Balanced Body Systems

We’re going to do a double-dose of “Healthy You” this volume/issue of New-Normal because when people who know more than me are willing to contribute, I’m not going to say, “no,” because that would really be silly.

I met Rebecca at a nutritional seminar she was leading on behalf of Spinunity, a spin studio in Sherwood Park, AB that I wrote about in the Focus On section in December. Rebecca is a spin instructor there, but has many other things on the go as well, all related somehow to fitness and/or nutrition (please see the Balanced Body Systems website for more information about her background and credentials).

At this nutritional seminar, roughly 15 people were taken through the process of meal planning with real food and what Rebecca would actually cook and prep for herself for a whole week. It was good for me to see it all actually happen in front of my eyes, because I’ve heard about people meal planning and the benefits of it for time, health and sometimes even budgets, but I’ve just found it to be an overwhelming idea.

I’m a work in progress, so although that seminar was a few months ago, I’m not a full week’s worth meal planner. I do a few days in a row. I’m working on it. But I’m the type of person who just starts liking a fad or clothing trend when everyone else is done with it. So I’m never quite “in style” or on any bandwagon because I’m a skeptic on most things for a long time before buying in, or maybe just a slow learner. I’m not a skeptic of Rebecca. I really liked the information she shared in that session.

Please find more of Rebecca’s tips below about staying on track with nutritional choices, or at least how to be kind to yourself as you work towards healthier choices.

We love to indulge once in a while. An extra cookie or piece of chocolate, a couple extra drinks and bam – diet derailed. We are constantly bombarded with dinners, birthday parties, functions, you name it! But how do you play smart when everything looks so good?

First off, get off the diet. You should never be dieting, as dieting creates restrictions. It’s about allowing for your body to have a treat or two because it tastes good and you really want it, not about restricting and over indulging on “healthy” foods.

Balance and moderation.

Secondly, choose smaller portions. Want to try everything. Take a small bite of everything. Enjoy the taste, texture and feeling. Then stop there.

Thirdly, you can drink, just choose wisely. Use soda water instead of pop; red wine instead of white; and drink at a moderate pace with a glass of cold water in-between.

Last but not least, you indulged. Get over it. It tastes good in the moment and now you are going to fuel your body instead. Stop beating yourself up about it. One bad decision will not ruin all of the hard work you have been putting in. It’s about making the right choice in your daily routine that will make the greatest difference.

Rebecca L





Want more info on nutrition programs and tips, go to http://www.balancedbodysystems.ca

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