Nov. 6, 2015 – Vol.1 | No.1 – Where the Canuck: Downtown Edmonton, Alberta

It’s November everyone! Who and what would be better than November Project to be featured as my first of many weekly posts for this New-Normal site?

The idea of the section “Where the Canuck” is to explore outdoor spaces in Canada where people like to be active and share the scenic to unusual locations with New-Normal readers/followers through pictures (mainly).

This specific “Where the Canuck” post is about downtown Edmonton, Alberta focusing on the who and why, more than the where. The reason is, although Edmonton’s river valley, bridges, hills, fields and stairs are the outdoor playground of this group, the sense of “community” is much bigger than geography.
by Michelle Lindstrom | Photos used are from the November Project Canada Facebook site.
Photographers include Katie Hughes, Steven Csorba, Nadim Chin and Jennifer Ference

The November Project backstory is well-known by many because “tribe members” can’t help but spread the word – like a contagion – to family and friends. And at times, those family members and friends worry that their loved one has joined a cult.
It’s understandable because really, why else would anyone willingly get up three days a week around 5 a.m. to meet a group of people, many of them strangers, outside in all kinds of weather in downtown Edmonton to yell “F–k Yeah” and then do a crazy hard workout?
It must be a cult.
Possibly a healthy, supportive cult that gives people courage to challenge themselves physically and socially? One that includes a love for hockey, tobogganing, buffs, fluorescent colours, high fives, hugging, occasional butt slapping, memes, social media and sweat? If it’s possible, then November Project Canada is that.
The group works out mainly in Edmonton’s downtown area (shown in the following picture layouts), with a few special locations like Commonwealth Stadium in the summer and Connors Hill in the winter.

See for yourself by clicking on the three layouts below for action photos and to read first-person profiles of a few of Edmonton’s tribe members.




Here are a few articles to refer to for more backstory if you haven’t had the pleasure of a tribe member infecting you with November Project Kool-Aid already:
1) Just Show UpAvenue Edmonton (this is one that I wrote)
2) Flash Mob FitnessIMPACT Magazine Alberta (another one that I wrote)
3) “Hugs, Sweat & Cheers”Runner’s World Magazine
4) “Oilers Captain Andrew Ference Keeps Putting Community, Fitness First”The Globe and Mail
5) “November Project Edmonton: How did this all happen?” Blitz Conditioning Blog post by Jen Ference
6) The parent November Project site
7) Edmonton tribe member Trent Schneider’s video November Project Canada.

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