Success | Setbacks | Growth | Community

We’re always adjusting to a new normal, every day.


The purpose of is to inspire and encourage others to build an inclusive community through words.

Please refer to the “About” page for more about the work that I do, which includes youth programs I’ve created and facilitated in addition to being a journalist.

The latest example of a youth program I created is Walk the Talk. It was a small idea that grew legs when some really important people in the Edmonton-and-area community actually said “yes” to playing a part of the program. Six speakers came out to a K-9 school to present to a group of Grade 4-9 students over lunch hours. There were six speakers in total: Week 1-Taylor Headon; Week 2-Ian Alleyne; Week 3-Patrycia Rzechowka; Week 4-Ted Kouri; Week 5-R.J. Cui; and Week 6-Breanna Karstens-Smith

I’m inspired with the potential of youth and drawn to encouraging younger generations to embrace their instinctual strengths, leadership abilities, and empathetic selves. They will be the people who take over our world–I just hope it’s with smart and kind solutions.

New-normal also delves into sharing the best and worst moments of our lives with others, which connects us and creates an understanding, proud community because of it. We can learn and grow, collectively, from our mistakes.

New-Normal’s tagline – Success | Setbacks | Growth | Community – encompasses what is important to me and the programs I am involved in. Building each other up is powerful and necessary because it’s just not necessary to make people go through personal and professional struggles alone.

Mentorship gives something to everyone involved.

The “life” set of blog posts include sections themes Healthy You, So This Happened, Where the Canuck, Get Inspired, Focus On, Never Here, Animal Connection and the Back Page. Each main page of those sections explains more specifically of what to expect there.

The “work” set of blog posts includes newer or start-up businesses that are innovative, interesting and support their community.

Everyone repeatedly makes adjustments to new schedules, rituals, expectations, goals, and relationship they face throughout life.

We are always finding a New Normal.

Go ahead and and share the experience of New-Normal post by post.